Aeration Doesn’t Make Your Lawn Green

Happy Roots Update and Lawn Tip,


Thank you for your continued business.  We really appreciate it!


I visited a lawn last Monday in Thornton to aerate it.  It was one of my long time customers, her name is Deb.  I pulled up and her lawn was thick, green and already growing, it was the nicest lawn on the block by far.  She was already mowing and it looked beautiful.  I hadn’t aerated it yet, so why was it so green and thick?  Well, she had applied a late fall fertilizer and had applied a spring fertilizer in March.  The other very important thing she did was start watering early.  Watering and feeding the lawn with the fertilizer is all it took to make her lawn look amazing.  She still wanted me to aerate, which is smart on her part, but that is not why her lawn was in this condition.  If you just aerate a lawn and then don’t water or feed it properly, it will still look unpleasant to say the least.   We grow cool season lawns in this state that love water, and we haven’t had much natural rainfall lately so if you aren’t already on a regular watering schedule, you need to get with it or you will be missing a great opportunity to build a thick lawn before the heat arrives.


So why aerate you ask?  When you pull out thousands of plugs from the soil in your lawn, you create a situation where water, nutrients and air get directly into the root zone of your grass.  You save water by having less runoff, and you feed the roots directly.  Aeration is a very important compliment to the water and fertilizer treatments.  When you aerate your lawn regularly at least Spring and Fall you are creating a deeper root zone each year, which will help your lawn get through the hot summers and cold winters with less stress.  But aeration will only help if you are watering and fertilizing correctly.  They all work together.


Remember, we are here to serve all of your residential lawn and sprinkler needs.  If you have already had your lawn serviced by us this spring, please get your water on to activate the products we’ve applied.  If you haven’t had your lawn aerated or fertilized yet this spring, it’s definitely not too late.  You can visit our web site at or call us at 303-457-8300 to schedule the services you need.  We also offer lawn and sprinkler consulting to give you all of the inside information on how to take care of your lawn and sprinkler system.  For as little as $30 I can personally visit your home and fill you in on what works and what doesn’t.


Remember we offer weekly lawn mowing for those of you who need it, or just want to relax instead of mow this summer.  We offer same day quotes for free, and have the best service around.  Please see our mowing page on the website.


p.s.  Thanks for your regular support and referrals.  We work hard to help you make your yard the best it can be and appreciate it when you HELP US GROW OUR BUSINESS by telling your friends and family to call us.


Thank You,

Les Cowan

Owner – Happy Roots

Phone: 303-457-8300

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  • “Our lawn has never looked better!!! We’ve tried all the big national lawn care sites and no one compares to Happy Roots… They can put together a package that fits both your yard needs and your budget. None of the other companies I’ve come across will do that…”

    John M.
  • “Truly an awesome company to work with. They are passionate in what they do. I went from the worst lawn on the block to the best. Thanks again guys.”

    Antonio Q.
    Brighton, CO 80601
  • “Reliable, ethical, well-organized and professional. Great longer term plans that make services affordable. A cut above any other lawn service I’ve used.”

    Elizabeth J.
    Broomfield, CO 80023
  • “Happy Roots is the best company I have worked with in a long time. They are truly a service company and know how to treat their customers… I always know when they are coming, what they are doing and the cost associated with their service. They are always on time & deliver excellent quality. I highly recommend the company.”

    Randy K.
    Westminster, CO 80031
  • “I have used Happy Roots for four years… Their service is second to none and they deliver on their commitments consistently every time. Their communication is proactive, informational, and valuable… I have nothing but high praise for them…”

    Mike O.
    Thornton, CO 80602
  • “I’ve had this excellent business look after my lawn, sprinklers and fertilizing for several years now and they hit the mark EVERY time. They are on time, dependable and most importantly to me, trustworthy. I’d give them 10 stars if Google allowed me to…”

    Shingo I.
    Thornton, CO 80241
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