Lawn Mowing Crew

Lawn Mowing Crew

Important! Signing up for a fertilizer plan is REQUIRED to have access to our Weekly Lawn Mowing Services.  Our business is creating thick, healthy, beautiful lawns, with strong, deep root zones.  We do this by helping your lawn with water, food, and air, through our sprinkler services, and fertilizer programs.  Professional Mowing is the icing on the cake!  If you are looking for complete lawn care, we are the company for you!

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Happy Roots mowing services include

  • Weekly mowing of specified lawn areas, trim all perimeters, edge all sidewalks and curbs, blow off all concrete/patio areas, remove and haul off all grass clippings as needed.
  • We do NOT offer bi-weekly mowing services.
  • We do NOT offer one-time or temporary mowing services.

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More about our lawn mowing services...

Happy Roots Gives You a Professional Lawn Mowing Service -Happy Roots offers weekly residential lawn mowing in the following areas of Colorado:  Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Broomfield, Erie, Brighton, Henderson, and Reunion.  This service includes removing, and hauling off all grass clippings as needed.
Plus we do more than just cut the grass, we take care of all of your landscape maintenance needs.
Our programs offer
  • Weed Control
  • Full Sprinkler System Service
  • Sprinkler Management
  • Yard clean-ups: pruning, trimming, dead-heading
  • And more!
When you hire us, we will take the time to meet all of your landscape and sprinkler maintenance needs.  Our goal is to serve you with the heart of teachers, and help you make your lawn and landscape look as good as possible within your available budget.  We care about your property as much you do.  Tap into our knowledge and experience to save time, money and water.  Anyone can come and mow your lawn, but we care for it and have the knowledge, education, and experience to assist with creating a thick, green, weed free lawn, which makes cutting it a lot more fun.  We can give you the best lawn on the block.  You can be the greener grass on the other side of the fence, that everyone wants and talks about!
So chill out this summer, relax and spend more time doing the things you love to do, and leave the yard work to us.  We won't disappoint you, and if we do, we will make it right.


  • Keep a regular weekly schedule and avoid cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass leaf.  You may need to mow two times per week during heavy growth periods in the spring and fall.  If you cut too much off when you mow, the grass will turn yellow and be stressed out.
  • Mulch your grass clippings if possible. This will return organic matter and nutrients back into your soil.
  • Sharpen your mowing blade 2-3 times per year.  This will ensure that your lawn mower is making a clean cut and not ripping the grass.  A clean cut improves aesthetic appearance and helps prevent disease.  We sharpen our blades twice a week for our clients lawns.
  • Change the direction of your mowing pattern every week.  Cross cutting your lawn will make it look better and will prevent the grass from being matted down due to rolling in the same ruts every week.
  • Optimal mowing height for Blue Grass is 3.0."  Cutting your lawn too short can create several problems, such as more weeds, higher water requirements, stressed out turf grass and a shallow root zone in most cases.
  • Edge your sidewalks and driveways to give your lawn that professional clean look.
  • If you plan on spraying the weeds in your yard, spray them the day before you mow.  This will ensure that the weeds you are spraying will have a maximum amount of leaf surface to absorb the weed killer for the best results.


Residential Lawn Mowing, Aeration, Fertilizer Programs, Sprinkler Maintenance, Snow Removal, and Complete Property Care
Serving - Thornton, Broomfield, Westminster, Brighton, Erie, Henderson, Northglenn and Reunion.
  • “Always thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable, expedient. It is nice to have help you completely trust.”

    Ann D.
    Broomfield, CO 80023
  • “My front and back yards were almost lost to disease and killer weeds last year. I really thought I was looking at a complete tear out and re-sod. After reading the reviews about Happy Roots, I opted to give them a try this past spring. All I can say is I could not be happier with the results… The maintenance crews never skipped a beat. My lawns were cut every week without fail and all additional services performed in a timely manner… I recommend them 100%!!!”

    Lynne K.
    Brighton, CO 80601
  • “I have been part of the Happy Roots family since 2004… I moved away for a few years and I missed being part of Happy Roots. However, I am back in the fold and my lawn is the best-looking on my street!!… The BEST lawn care company in Colorado!!

    Jenn O.
    Erie, CO 80516
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