We do not offer one-time aerations.  If you choose to sign up for weekly mowing or a fertilizer plan, you have the option to sign up for an aeration.

 The Benefits of Aeration



Imagine how many holes are poked into your soil with one pass over your entire lawn.  There is one hole approximately every 5-6 inches after one pass.  What if you took your garden hose and filled up every hole with water?  How many gallons of water would that be?  Without aerating, you would be letting a lot of that water run off since the hard soil and thatch in your lawn act as a barrier stopping a lot of the water you put down from getting deep into your soil and root zone.

We recommend aerating in the spring and the fall, preferably with a fertilizer application.  Summer aeration’s are also beneficial if you are prepared to water your lawn enough to keep the exposed root zone from drying out.  For optimum results, order a double aeration.  Most lawn care companies will only make one pass on your lawn with their aerators, but you will double the benefits of aeration by making two passes in two different directions.  That’s why we offer our “Double Aeration”.  It’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth it.

Happy Roots Premium Aeration Services

  • Double Aeration – A double aeration comes standard with our Silver and Gold fertilizer programs.  We will go over the lawn two times in two different directions, doubling the benefits of your aeration.
  • Disinfect Aerator – We will clean out the tines of our aerator and disinfect them with Lysol before we aerate your lawn.  This can help prevent the transmission of lawn diseases from one yard to another and help prevent different types of grasses from being transferred to your lawn.  Note: this will not stop disease or invasion of other grasses from entering your lawn in other ways, it is one way to help prevent it.  The cost for this service is $15.  By request only.
  • Mark Sprinkler Heads – If we can have access to your sprinkler clock or valve boxes we can mark your sprinkler heads prior to aerating for you.  The cost for this service is $15 for most yards.  Some extra large yards may be extra.

How to prepare for an aeration before Happy Roots arrives.

  • MARK OBSTACLES: Mark your sprinkler heads, invisible dog fences, cable lines or any other underground obstacles with flags or something else that is easily visible.  Happy Roots is not responsible for damage to any unmarked property that is not easily visible to the Happy Roots technician while aerating.
  • WATER:  Water your lawn generously the night before your scheduled aeration.  Do not make it mushy or muddy, but make sure it is moist at least 4-5 inches deep.  Aerating a dry lawn will not pull much of a plug out.  Aerating a muddy lawn will not pull a plug either.  To check your moisture level in your soil, grab a medium to large sized flat head screw driver and push it into your grass.  If it goes in easy 5-6 inches deep, then you are good to go.  You should not have to push really hard or pound it in, that would mean it is too dry.
  • MOW: Mow your lawn.  It is better to mow your lawn before an aeration, but it is not a must, especially if the lawn is already short. Mowing will take away some of the resistance allowing the aerator tines to go deeper into the soil, pulling a better plug.  This is especially true when you have old dormant dead grass that is long on top, sometimes found in early spring when you have not mowed since the fall.
  • OPEN ACCESS:  Make sure we will have access to all areas of your property.  Please clear pathways to back yards and other areas that need serviced.  Gates and doorways must have 31 inches of clearance for our machines to fit through them.  Please notify us if you have extreme slopes or only stairs to access your back yard.



***For more information on the benefits of aeration click here

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