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The Answer is…….Power Raking!

I’ve had a lot of customers ask if we power rake.  The answer is no.  The reason we don’t offer power raking, is because it is not a recommended maintenance practice for cool season turf type grasses like Blue Grass, Rye Grass, and Fescue.  These are the types of lawns we have in this area of Colorado.  We would not offer anything that would not benefit your lawn just to make some extra money.  We only offer services that are good for your lawn and have a benefit.
When you power rake our cool season grasses, they go through a lot of un-needed stress.  The machine tears up the crown of the grass blades, causing damage.  The majority of the time the lawn will heal and continue to live, but the stress is un-neccessary.
Instead of power raking I would recommend mowing your lawn down to about 2-2.5 inches for the first mow of the season.  This will get rid of most of the dead grass from last year.  If your grass is matted down from the winter, you should lightly rake with a leaf rake and then mow it.  After this is done, it would be a great time for an aeration and fertilizer application. Aeration and proper watering practices are the best methods to controlling thatch build up.  Now you are ready to water and enjoy your lawn for the summer. Of course you will have to mow, fertilize some more, spray some occasional weeds and all of that wonderful stuff, but at least you didn’t waste $75 on a power rake or dethatching that didn’t help anything.

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