Lawn Tips From Les Cowan

We have just been through one of the driest winters and early springs on record, up until this last week that is.  Those of you who started a regular watering schedule early (end of March – Early April) probably have a very nice thick green lawn right now and those who waited awhile to get on  a regular watering schedule probably have a lawn that is struggling or even has damage from spider mites or grubs.

The dry winter/spring has created an environment that insects love.  If you have big brown patches in the middle of some green lawn, you probably have spider mite damage.  If you have areas in your lawn that are thin and just not looking too good even after regular soaking, you may have a grub problem.  We have been seeing a lot of these issues around this area.  Most of the spider mite damage is on South facing slopes.

To avoid these issues in the future, remember that water is the most important thing your cool season lawn needs.  Not too much but definitely not too little.  The grasses we have in our lawns are native to the east where rain is plentiful and here in Colorado we are obviously very dry and even drier this year.  So winter watering, soaking the lawn, trees and shrubs once per month through dry winters is advisable, and getting on a regular watering schedule early in the spring is also advisable.  You don’t have to turn on your sprinkler system to do this, just pull out the garden hose (like the old daysJ) and put a sprinkler on the end of it.  I like the tractors that roll across the yard on  a hose, my grandma used to have one of these………anyways, uh-oh  I’m showing my age now.


With these insect and watering issues, I would like to offer a few suggestions that we may help with if you need it.  With your second application of fertilizer and other services, I would recommend an insecticide application be done with it.  For most yards this application would cost an additional $35, larger yards would be a little more of course.  We have seen grub damage and spider mite damage all over this area and an insecticide application would be a good preventative measure and also would take care of these two issues if you have problems with them.  It also takes care of other insect problems in the lawn area that may arise.  A second application in the summer may be needed.

For assistance with watering schedules and practices, I am available by appointment to come over and assist with sprinkler clock programming.  I can show you how to properly water each zone of your sprinkler system and put the program in your sprinkler clock, so that your lawn is using more of the water that you are putting down.  I can help you understand and be able to monitor your watering situation  year round so that you can be on top of the most important part of keeping a nice lawn, your water.  These appointments are available in 30 minute consultations and cost only $30.  You will save your  lawn or much more than $30 in your water bill.  It is well worth it and I would love to teach you so that you will be happy with the other services you get throughout the year, because the other services you get throughout the year will not give you good results without proper watering practices.

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Les Cowan

President – Happy Roots



  • “Happy Roots has been doing my lawn mowing, fertilizing and snow removal for two years. They are always here when they say and do a really good job. They are quick and neat. They do very good work and are polite and helpful. I would recommend them to all.”

    Barbara B.
    Thornton, CO 80229
  • “Great service! Always prompt and effective communication. Would highly recommend!”

    Ryan K.
    Brighton, CO 80601
  • “Great experience, staff was always professional and the quality of care of the lawn was exceptional.”

    Kris D.
    Thornton, CO 80233
  • These guys are the best!  It addition to their A+ service, they also have a strong management team that is in constant communication with their customers. This includes not only scheduling but also helpful reminders such as how to drain your irrigation system when a freeze is coming.”

    Todd D.
    Broomfield, CO 80023
  • “Happy Roots is the best company I have worked with in a long time. They are truly a service company and know how to treat their customers… I always know when they are coming, what they are doing and the cost associated with their service. They are always on time & deliver excellent quality. I highly recommend the company.”

    Randy K.
    Westminster, CO 80031
  • “…I was afraid I was about to lose both front and backyard lawns, but after just 3 applications (I opted for the Gold service), my lawn is heading into winter looking great!…”

    Heidi W.
    Thornton, CO 80229
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