Assistant Maintenance Technician


Focusing on Lawn Health Since 2005

From Henderson, CO

Serving the northern Denver metro area.


Learn all aspects of lawn, and sprinkler maintenance from day 1!  Learn how to run your own crew from day 1!  This position is a career minded position.  A feeder program into our leadership group.  Developed to turn you into a lawn, sprinkler expert, and a crew leader.  This position is an opportunity for you to develop a career here at Happy Roots, and to someday become a Manager of your own area.

Initially this is a seasonal position, and is scheduled to last until October 31st.  In the first season of our new program, all seasonals hired were offered permanent positions by July.  Although that is not a guarantee, that is our goal with all new seasonal positions hired.  The better you perform, the better opportunity you have to become a permanent year round leader here at Happy Roots.

Everyone on the HR team who finished the season last year also received their portion of $16K in tips, that our family of clients gave at the end of the lawn season last October!

Happy Roots, and the people we serve value our team.

Our team is filled with an All-Star caliber roster.  We’ve even had an NFL Superbowl winning defensive lineman on our team!

We take a huge amount of pride in the quality of work, and the results we have provided to hundreds, even thousands of homeowners since our start in 2005.  Our team has always been our TOP priority!  Our team is the reason we have been so successful!

Happy Roots’ focus is on Lawn Health, and on being “One Company” for all of our customers’ lawn care and sprinkler services, as we serve hundreds of homeowners in the North Metro Denver area!  We are in the business of transforming and maintaining a lawns’ root system through annual lawn care programs that focus on proper water, feeding, and other cultural practices specific to our region of the country, to create beautiful lawns and landscapes throughout our area!

Happy Roots is a TOP rated company in the area!  Check our our Google Reviews!

This Assistant Maintenance Technician position is critical for putting that finishing touch on all of our beautiful lawns!  The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:

  • Experience in professional Lawncare is a plus, but not required.  We would love to train the right person!
  • Bi-Lingual?  Have some crew members/friends who may want to join Happy Roots as well?  We’re listening!  Let’s talk!
  • This job is physical!  Our pace and workload have been compared to college football and the military!  So if you are able bodied, love to go and be physical all day, this may be a great fit for you!
  • You hate looking at 4 walls all day, and would rather get a root canal than talk on the phone all day!
  • You are the guy/gal, who other people think is crazy, because you are out like “no big deal” in shorts while it’s snowing!
  • When asked “What do you want to do today?” by friends or family, you say “Anything outside, please!”.
  • You like to drive and don’t have a lot of tickets.
  • Getting to talk to homeowners on occasion brightens your day, while accepting cookies, drinks, and other fun yummy stuff from them.
  • Your a grinder, but while grinding you are always keeping an eye on the details.
  • Communicating important information, is important to you.
  • You notice problems, and like to solve them.
  • Seeing and being responsible for transformation from ugly to beautiful is a motivator for you.

Licensing Required

  • Colorado Drivers License
  • Good Driving Record

Other Things You Should Know

  • The majority of the year we work 40 hours per week, but during the spring and fall, overtime is necessary.
  • End of season tips $$!
  • Cross Training, Growth, and Career opportunities available.
  • Above average compensation, plus tips.
  • Small, fun, family atmosphere!

Interested?  Apply By Clicking Here!

  • “I’ve used Happy Roots since I moved to Denver. They are dependable, cost-effective, and do quality work. They offer a broad range of outdoor services at a very reasonable price.”

    Dianne T.
    Westminster, CO 80031
  • “Les and his team have this lawn care thing down to a science. my lawn looks awesome and although I was hesitant to sign up for their weekly mowing, it’s 100 some degrees out here and these guys knocked out a mow in 15 minutes, what would take over an hour by myself.”

    Matt H.
    Westminster, CO 80234
  • “I’ve had this excellent business look after my lawn, sprinklers and fertilizing for several years now and they hit the mark EVERY time. They are on time, dependable and most importantly to me, trustworthy. I’d give them 10 stars if Google allowed me to…”

    Shingo I.
    Thornton, CO 80241
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